Nokia 808

I’m so looking forward to the newly announced Nokia 808. Reason why i haven’t changed my Nokia N8 is because i haven’t found a hp that better suits my 4 very basic requirements:

1) Able to multitask.

I’m an impatient person and i hate waiting for things to load on the hp. If i surf to a site or launch a game that cannot be loaded in 2s, then i want to be able to switch to another app, be it to read e-mails or check the weather, while the first app loads whatever it’s supposed to.

2) An excellent camera phone

I love snapping pictures on the fly. Whether it’s pics of my bunny hopping around or stupid drivers who can’t park properly, my hp must deliver superb quality pics in a range of settings (moving object, low light, etc).

3) Offline GPS navigation

I think GPS navigation apps that require an online data connection just doesn’t cut it. Since i’m most likely to need navigational help when i’m in unfamiliar surroundings (read: overseas), then it doesn’t make sense if i have to connect to the Internet and incur huge data roaming charges.

4) Flexibility in customisation

I love customising my hp. I love setting different ringtones for different contacts, different profiles for different environments (, outdoors, home, privacy, etc) and what i love best about my N8 is how it can automatically switch to different profiles based on pre-defined parameters. For e.g., when it picks up the base stations near my office, my hp automatically goes into the soft “office profile”. Every Sun, it switches to silent mode from 9:55am – 12pm when i’m in church. When i select “drive profile”, it switches on the bluetooth to connect to my earpiece & launches Vlingo, the voice command app. The feeling of having a phone adjust itself to fit my schedule is fantastic.

To date, i’ve not found another phone that meets my 4 criteria above and thus i’m loyally sticking to my N8.

The Nokia 808 looks set to meet all my requirements, and more!! Just search for the white paper online and u’ll see why it’s the best digicam around. Being a Nokia Belle OS, it means the hp can multitask & allow users to customise it they way they want it to work.

And being a Nokia Symbian phone, the Maps software offers offline nav capabilities in over 80 countries.

The 808 is said to be priced at EUR 450 w/o contract. Bring it on man!

End of First Week

A rather busy first week at work. Felt a little stressed mid-week when a number of enquiries was given to me to handle but thankfully, I managed to sort things out by Fri. Most people assumed it’ll be a honeymoon period since it’s a new job… but the thing is, I’m doing the exact same work I used to do… which means I’m expected to hit the ground running.

The good thing about this new place is that I get to deal with less admin issues. There’s a Foxconn who assists the rest of us with things like tracking of new enquiries & premium adjustment dates. Churning out of debit notes is also “outsourced” to another department so we brokers get to focus on the real job – brokering.

Colleagues have been easy to get along with. Surprisingly, I seem to click more easily with Android than Apple. Haha. In any case, they’re both not difficult people to work with so I don’t think there’ll be much office politics. At least I pray not.

Not all Char Kway Teow is Equal

If you like to eat local food, you’ll know that no 1 local dish is exactly the same.  There’re many places selling char kway teow but every cook will have his own style of preparing the dish.  This is probably why once a Singaporean has grown to like a particular stall, the eater will make much effort to hunt down the stall if it moves to another venue.

Angmoh food, on the other hand, is a different story.  Whether you buy a Fillet O’ Fish from the McDonald’s at Bedok or the one at Jurong, the burger tastes the same. 

Which I think is why some angmohs & probably some MNCs fail to appreciate the uniqueness of a local dish & the value the cook brings to the table.

This is how customers are lost.

In Between Jobs

As of 5 Feb 2012, I will be officially “in between jobs”.  A pity I only get to bum around at home this week before I fly to USA for a 2-week holiday.  Will be back on 17 Feb & will start work at my next company on 20 Feb 2012.

Many people have asked where I’ll be moving on to but I’ve not told anyone except for immediate family & a few close friends.  I was asked by my new boss, henceforth known as Microsoft, to keep it quiet to avoid any tension that may arise in my soon to be ex-company as quite a number of people have jumped ship (for different reasons).

There have been many guesses as to where I’m going.  Some colleagues thought that I’ll be joining Upsize at another multinational broker.  Some guessed (correctly) that I’ll be going to this specialist brokering house.  The PRI & Structured Trade underwriters think I’m joining one of them.  Whenever anyone asked me if their guess was correct, I have refused to confirm or deny.  I maintained that if you’re confident that you know where I’m going, then so be it.  Why do you have to ask me?  If you’re not sure, then just wait for my new company to announce my appointment. 

A rather funny thing happened today.  An ex-colleague of mine, who’s currently working in the company that I’m about to join, called Bigmac (who joined my new company ahead of me) to ask if I’ll be joining soon.  As Bigmac knows that I don’t wish to spread the news, he replied saying he wasn’t sure – to which the ex-colleague replied, “her name is in the telephone directory”.

Bigmac was totally caught off guard.  He glanced at the telephone directory & indeed my name was on it.  Nonetheless, he denied knowledge of when I’m starting work & clarified that I wouldn’t be reporting to him in any case.

When Bigmac called to tell me what happened, I couldn’t stop laughing.  I told him that my new company is really too efficient for their own good.  Kind of odd if you ask me – I mean, what if I don’t turn up for work in the end?  After all, I have been approached by another broker as well as an underwriter.  So until I step into the office to start work, there’s no knowing what may happen right? 

Anyway, I’ve got to admit I still feel rather sentimental towards my soon to be ex-company.  It has been a good 5.5 years, of which I really enjoyed my time there the last 2 years.  I was happy with the clients I had, the processes in place, the colleagues I have (most of them anyway) & the progress I achieved.  The 1 big push factor that drove me away was The Empire but that’s another story for another day.

I’m looking forward to my USA trip next week.  I really hope I’ll get to see snow (not too much – just a bit will do!) but the chances are quite low.  Can’t wait to wear my new boots.  Heehee.

Here’s to new boots, new gloves & a new job!