The Tinder Experiment

Been hearing a good friend, a colleague and 2 underwriters talk about Tinder so I decided see for myself, what’s the deal about it.

After 24h on Tinder, I can confirm that:
1. There are more men than women (I ran out of women to look at!)
2. Women have better profile pics.
3. People active in sports look considerably younger than others the same age.
4. Many men are balding.

What surprised me too is that I came across 2 friends from church whom I didn’t expect to see. *Shrugs*. Maybe they’re experimenting too.

End of experiment for me. I’ve disable the account.


Was introduced to a new messaging app today called Telegram. Interface wise it looks almost identical to Whatapp but there’re 5 really cool things I like about it:

1) There’s this “secret chat” function where the msgs aren’t saved on Telegram’s server & they are encrypted.

2) There’s this “self-destruct” feature that you can set such that read msgs will be automatically deleted
after the selected length of time is over.

3) The app doesn’t restrict the size of media attachments hence it sends photos in their original file size / resolution. This is super yay! Cos I really dislike all the blurry photos due to whatapp resizing them.

4) You can mute individual chats.

5) It can work across multiple devices (I managed to sync the chats to my iPad mini.)

Quick go download the app & try! It’s free!

Battery Life

Unplugged my Galaxy Note 3 from the charger at about 8am this morning. As with any new phone, I subjected it to quite heavy usage throughout today.

I played Pet Saga, checked multiple social media platforms, used  Gtalk (or more commonly known as Hangouts now), Whatsapp-ed, FB messenger, took a few calls & so on & amazingly, my hp didn’t reach the 15% low battery warning till past 12:3O am.

It feels really good to finally have a smart phone where I can use it as it’s meant as to be used & not worry about the battery dying on me.

One thing that really bugged me about the S4 was how I had to always be so conscious / careful about its use as the battery kept dying on me before I got home.

The Note 3 has made me realise that no matter how feature packed a hp is, it’s nonetheless useless if the battery life sucks.

Using the Note 3 reminds me of the good old days of my Nokia hp when a single charge could last the entire day.

The S-Pen is also such a joy to use. I think I’m a true covert to being a fan of the Galaxy Note series.

Definitely no regrets despite the hefty price tag.

Next thing I got to do is to side load my Amazon Kindle app so that I can re-download the book my cell group is doing for bible study.

Hope my mom makes good use of my S4. The experience wasn’t too bad while it lasted. Heh!

Samsung Galaxy Note 3!

Hello from the Galaxy Note 3! Was hooked after watching videos of the S-Pen in action. Went to SingTel today & found out that one of my mobile lines was eligible for an upgrade so I decided to “take the plunge” after playing with the phone for about 15mins at the shop.

I really need to get a screen protector quickly. Am rather hooked to using the S-Pen to write long texts (like this one) so I’m wary of scratching the screen.

Anyway, its really late so I need to end this post & go shower. Will definitely be posting more! This is just so cool. Haha!

As for the s4, my mom will be using it going forward. Just need to find some time to cut her normal sized sim card into a micro-sim.

Have a good & fruitful rest of the week everyone!


Microsoft Surface RT Review

20131110_131050Came across this trial user programme Microsoft was running for their Surface RT devices so I registered for it and was fortunate enough to be selected. Before getting my hands on the device, I tried to do some online research about the Surface, what are the apps available, etc.  Unfortunately, there didn’t seem to be much info available – especially when it came to apps.  The issue was that in order to properly explore the Windows Marketplace, I had to do it from a MS device.  I thought this was totally dumb because if I were going to spend money buying a device, surely I needed to know beforehand what it offered right?

That peeve aside, the Surface RT is a pretty decent device. I like how the keyboard that comes with it doubles up as a screen cover. Although I initially struggled with the keyboard, I soon got used to it and realised I can type quite quickly and accurately on it.  I also love the on-screen keyboard and the various display option it gives (split/ normal qwerty/ tablet friendly qwerty, etc).  The word prediction was also accurate and the keyboard is a joy to use.

Battery life is decent and I get 3-4 days of moderate use (mainly games/ browsing/ Facebook for about 1-2h per day) with each charge (not that the battery runs flat after that but I tend to charge once it drops to 20-30%).

The MS Office apps that came pre-installed are definitely a plus – full functions and I didn’t need to spend any money on them. What I love most got to be the IE browser.  Yeap! Never thought I’d say this because I have been using Chrome on my laptop for years but it is fantastic to have a proper browser on a mobile device.  I’ve been able to watch Flash videos (all my TVB dramas!) and play Facebook games like Pet Saga and Candy Crush that run on Flash.

The main drawback is the lack of apps. No instagram (not yet at least), no official Facebook app, no WordPress, the Citrix app can’t use web interface to connect, etc.  Which is a pity and the reason why I struggle to call the Surface a tablet.  In my mind, a tablet is a mobile device that’s all about apps!  I have been blogging and accessing Facebook on the Surface but that’s all done through the IE browser – which essentially means I’ve been using the Surface like a laptop.  The fact that it allows you to plug a USB device (e.g. a thumbdrive) into it really makes it akin to a laptop.

Thus after using the Surface for almost a month, I think my conclusion is that I may buy one in future to replace my laptop (the soon to be launched Nokia tablets running Win 8 look really swanky!)… but if I were looking for a tablet, this wouldn’t fit my needs.


Windows 7 Log-in Failure!

Wanted to use my laptop to check my credit card statements and Windows wouldn’t load after I keyed in the password!  Tried a few times, rebooted, used face recognition to log-in but everything failed!  The error message was:

User Profile Service Failed The Login

Yikes!  No idea what that was.  Win 7 has been pretty stable and my Lenovo laptop hasn’t given me much problems to date.  My husband said his colleague had this error previously and the laptop was taken to IT – and could be fixed.

So I did as he suggested – turned to the almighty Google.  Found a very useful site ( to resolve this error:

  1. Boot into safe mode
  2. Click on the start button, and type “regedit” into the search bar.
  3. Hit enter to open regedit.
  4. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList
  5. You’ll see two “S-1-5….” folders with long names. One of them will end in “.bak”
  6. Rename the one that does not end in “.bak” to “(long string of numbers).bad” or “.old”
  7. Remove the “.bak” from the other one.
    • With this folder selected, double click RefCount and type 0 and then click OK.
    • With this folder selected, double click State and type 0 and then click OK.
  8. Reboot the machine, and it should be fixed.

It worked.  Phew!

I may not be in IT but I can solve my own IT problems.  Yay!  Heehee.

Camera Snob


I’ve turned into a handphone camera snob but can you blame me?  How do you deny the quality of photos take with the Nokia 808?

The above pic of the Marina Bay Sands was taken at Level 33, MBFC using the Creative Mode, superfine picture quality, 8MP, +3 exposure setting.


Cropped in on this 2nd pic so that the edge of the building I’m in isn’t so prominent.  Still looks good.

I think a good handphone camera is really important cos the best camera you’ll ever have, is the one on you!

Nokia’s Further Self-Destruction

Read with disappointment that Nokia has kicked out some developers from their Nokia Developer Champion programme just because they (so far) only developed for Symbian.

I wonder if Nokia realise that some of these developers never needed to develop for other platforms because the earnings from the Symbian apps they wrote were enough for their monthly income (even till today) To me, this clearly shows that the apps they have developed are popular ones. It only makes sense to want these apps to be developed for WP too.

With Nokia’s latest move, the message sent to these developers is that Nokia doesn’t reward loyalty. Is there any point in them supporting WP then? I think not. If i were one of these developers, i would jump ship to Android or iOS now.

Stupid move, Nokia. Stupid move.

Nokia 808 Pureview (Updated – 21 Jun 2012)

Finally found a phone worthy of replacing my N8 and that is the… *tada*… Nokia 808 Pureview.  For the uninitiated, the 808 won the ‘Best New Mobile Handset, Device or Tablet’ at Mobile World Congress 2012 as well as ‘BEST IMAGING INNOVATION’ in the TIPA AWARDS 2012.  If you want to read more about its fantastic camera capabilities and how an amazing 41MP is condensed to give you the best ever 5MP photo, please take a look here:

As you may know by now, I’m not impressed by pure specs – dual core, quad core, tons of RAM, etc, don’t impress me.  What good is reciting all these numbers if at the end of the day, my supposedly lower specs phone produces the same results as someone else’s dual core device?  That just means that my phone is more efficient because it took less to achieve the same results!

For critics of the Symbian OS, I think it’s a little sad because they are still stuck at Symbian S60v5 which was definitely not conducive for touch screen phones.  Since then, Symbian has pushed out S^3, Symbian Anna, Nokia Belle & Nokia Belle FP1 (which is what the 808 comes with).  It’s a pity that Nokia only made these advancements in the last 1.5 years.  If it brought these OSes to the market earlier, I’m quite confident that Nokia would not be in the pits it is today.  Sadly, Symbian users who have left the platform have decided not to give Symbian another chance despite:

Symbian is still the best multitasking OS around – don’t give me crap about how the iOS saves apps in a suspended mode in the background when you switch out of the app & how you can come back & the app is exactly the way you left it.  That’s bullshit ok?  That is NOT multitasking.  My Nokia continues to download & run apps in the background while I move on to do something in another app.  Gosh!  Even my mom’s “dumbphone” Asha 303 can save apps in the background when she moves on to another app & return to the app that was frozen in the background.

I heard from a friend who recently switched to the Samsung S3 running the ice cream sandwich (ICS) OS that the ICS doesn’t multitask either!  It randomly closes apps that have been pushed to the background.  Tsk.

Nokia Maps (aka Nokia Drive) is still to date the only FREE phone GPS software that gives you turn by turn navigation in a myriad of languages and has OFFLINE maps.  Now that’s really important if you don’t want to rack up a humongous data roaming phone bill when using the GPS nav software overseas.  Nokia Maps have close to 100 maps of different countries for you to download free.

iOS 6 is supposed to have turn by turn software too – powered by TomTom but I’m still waiting to see it will charge for the maps & if the GPS can work in offline mode.

And now… for some photos of my new phone!  Hehe.  The 808’s photos were taken with my N8.  Sorry if the screen of the handphones have a bit of reflection on them – my house is fitted with downlights so it’s hard to avoid the reflections in any convenient manner.


The above are the front & back shots of my 808.  I’ve ordered some phone covers for it from but they’ve yet to arrive.

The photo of Horlicks & Pinky is actually my screensaver.  It looks a little pixelated because the pic was “downsized” in pixels so it isn’t too bright as that would not be very battery friendly for a screensaver.  If you’re keen to get this on your phone too, do download the app Sleeping Screen from the Nokia ovi store.

The main differences I spotted between using the 808 (running on Belle FP1) and my N8 (running on Belle) was:

1) The Gallery has totally changed!!  The 808’s gallery app doesn’t contain any videos in it .  There’s another app that hosts all the videos detected on the phone.  The N8’s Gallery on the other hand, contained both photos & videos.  (Update: My mistake.  The Gallery does contain videos and there is also another Videos app on the 808.)

What I don’t like about the 808’s Gallery is that it doesn’t allow users to mark & delete multiple photos.  I think this is dumb as Symbian has always allowed users to download multiple photos!!

2) The camera’s UI has also changed dramatically to take into account the Pureview technology.

3) The Gmail setup in the 808 is improved.  In my N8, there was no option to set Gmail to “sync manually” (though Exchange mail had this option).  On the 808, this is now available – great!

4) The 808’s speakers are softer than the N8’s… but so far I’ve still been able to hear my phone when outdoors so I guess it’s not all bad.  Actually, it’s more accurate to say that the N8’s speakers were super duper loud.  Heh.  I also noted that when I set my ringtone to the loudest volume, it no longer gives the warning that it’s extremely loud.  Haha.

(Update) 5) There are a few new widgets available for Belle FP1 such as weather widgets (love this!) and a toggle for convenient turning 3G on/ off.

(Update) 6) This doesn’t relate the OS per se but the accessories that come with the phones.  The N8 came with earphones that had player controls on them as well as a HDMI cable.  The 808’s default earphones does not have player controls – so I’m using my N8’s earphones instead.  No mini-HDMI cable either.

Really loving my latest hp!!