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Nuffnang vs. Advertlets

Sigh.  I’ve joined Advertlets for close to a year now (including the 3-4 months when I removed the stupid Advertlets code from my blog ‘cos the company so spectacularly messed up their domain name renewal) and sad to say, my earnings are about RM 20+, which is way below the cash out limit of RM […]

Blog Make-Over

Don’t worry.  It’s still me.  After visiting the Fairy’s Inc website, I was very inspired by the light colours and did a search for any "fairy" related theme.  Been wanting to do an image overhaul of the blog for some time but never saw anything I liked… till today.  So viola!  Behold the new look.  […]

Wad iz a Widget?

It’s just a fancy name for this programme that allows users to drag & drop items onto their blog’s sidebar using compatible WordPress themes. I know my blog’s been serving popup ads for some time now but I didn’t bother much because the ads were generally benign.  Till today… I got a shock of my […]

Secret Key

Ok… so I’m a WordPress + Php functions idiot.  I have no idea how all these codes work.  All I know is how to play about with the features as provided for in my yahoo domain server and get the blog to post the stuff I write. I have no idea why my WordPress version […]

What’s Wrong!!!

Oh dear… something’s wrong with either Windows’ Live Writer or my blog’s yahoo server ‘cos I can’t seem to post anything via Live Writer but yet I can post via my blog’s website? 🙁 What the heck is “parse error”???

Blog Header Credits

Master Choco has very very kindly agreed to let me use his beautiful photos of this year’s NDP for my blog’s header pic.  Do check out his dazzling shots here!  I had to crop the pic in order to fit the header of my blog… so do go to his pbase site to see the […]

Tolong Tolong (Help Help)!

 Could everyone please do a poll that’s located at the bottom right corner of the ad banner (see red arrow).  I think this is supposed to help the ad people categorise my blog better so they’ll know what sort of ads to place here.  Please help ok?  I’m still trying to figure out (if i […]

It’s been 8 days.  Nuffnang said that they needed a week to monitor the type of traffic that comes to my blog before assigning advertisers.  So i waited 8 days… and still, i see no ads appear on my blog.  No ads = no money.  So i got a little fed up.  I sent them […]

$$ Minded

Saw this article in Sunday Times about earning $$ from your blog.  I used to have Google Adsense on my old blogspot blog… but i think i only installed Adsense for like 2 weeks or so before i decided to get my own domain name.  So that was the end of my Adsense adventure. Back […]


I’m quite upset now ‘cos 2 of my entries (Best of the Best and Best Parking Idiots Photo) on 28 Aug 2006 apparently disappeared. Thankfully, i managed to find a cached version of the page from Google. (THANK YOU GOOGLE FOR TRAWLING THE NET!) If not for the cached version, i wouldn’t possibly remember what […]

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