It’s been 8 days.  Nuffnang said that they needed a week to monitor the type of traffic that comes to my blog before assigning advertisers.  So i waited 8 days… and still, i see no ads appear on my blog.  No ads = no money. 

So i got a little fed up.  I sent them an email asking for a reason and i’m told that due to “stringent requirements” of their advertisers, i may not have been selected, but they’re working on marketing all member blogs and are in the midst of negotiating some deals with advertisers that will allow all member blogs to be served an ad in the coming month. 

I’m miffed obviously.  ‘Cos it sounds like Nuffnang is blaming my blog content for the lack of advertising.  Hello!  Are they trying to say i need to write crap like Xiaxue in order to get advertisers interested?  I mean, i would love to learn from her by posting photos of big fat thighs on my blog, except that i’m still working on growing my thighs to 2x their current size in order to match hers.  Seriously, not enough advertisers say so lah.  Don’t push the blame man!  Hmph!  *Crosses arms indignantly*

Anyway, i just signed up with Adverlets and my blog was served ads immediately.  Looks like a good start.  I’m leaving Nuffnang on my blog, albeit right at the bottom.  Don’t say i don’t give chance.  Heh.

ARGH!  What happened?  I heard a hissing sound and all the lights in my room went out!  The hanging lamp, the down lights… all not working!  Wah lau… see lah.  Told u i got a lot of bills to pay.  Just settled my SGD20/month bill for my blog’s domain name and now the electricity goes out on me?  Sheesh…

Eh wait… how come my TV and PC still got electricity uh?  Hmmm…


P.S. My only gripe is that all these ad companies are very cryptic about their payment structure.  Wonder why… are they afraid that competitors will register as members and find out?  Weird.

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