Move Teeth, Move

Blame it on vanity & greed.  I’ve decided to get braces.  Not normal braces, but this “new technology” braces that are “invisible”.  Called Invisalign, the braces aka aligners look like dentures or teeth guard or polywrap. 

I chose invisalign over normal metal/lingual braces ‘cos:

  1. they’re invisible (What to do?  Vainpot mah!)
  2. they can be removed when you eat (Bo pian… need to feed the 2 anacondas in my stomach).
  3. they’re not supposed to give u mouth ulcers (an exception to this, as i’ve just learnt, is if u go KTV with them on).

My upper set of teeth is going to take 52 weeks to straighten, while the lower set (which aren’t really crooked, just kind of crowded to the left) will take 36 weeks.

Nonetheless, my teeth still feel sore and everytime i remove the aligners to eat, i have to chew really gently ‘cos the teeth/gums hurt.  Oh well, it’s ok my dearest teeth.  1 year of agony, lifetime of nice smiles ok?  So move it, teeth!  Beat it!


Finally collected my Oakley sunglasses from The Lens Men @ Parkway Parade! Stupid shop people! Didn’t call me even though the sunglasses were ready for collection. If i hadn’t called the shop to check, they would still be sitting in the box!

Actually i’m sort of curious whether the shop really ordered a new pair, or they gave me back the same pair ‘cos i saw an identical scratch on the side of the frame… but this supposedly new pair has some other fine scratches too… and it feels slightly tighter (i’m very sensitive to glasses… ‘cos i get headaches easily from any pressure to the sides of my head). So i really don’t know. No choice but to give the shop the benefit of the doubt.

I realise u need a lot of confidence to wear sunnies. I’ve never really had a pair before…. sure… i had this funky rose pink one from Topshop in London… but the shape of that pair looked more like ordinary glasses, just tinted rose to give the wearer a happier view of the world.

I’ve always liked those big big aviator shades. But i don’t think i’ll look good in them. Somehow, u need to be cool to carry them off. But i’m a stupid user remember? Definitely not cool. Sigh. This new pair of shades are big too. They give good coverage when driving… so u won’t get any rays of sun like shooting in from the sides of the glasses. The grey lens are also a lot lighter when u look out of them…. as in they’re not as black as they seem. (BTW, the description on the box says grape frame with grey lens. The frame’s like a dark ribena berry purple for those who can’t tell from the pic.) Wore them while driving just now and i simply love them!!

Just that… i still feel a little self-conscious in them. Haha. I thought they looked great when i tried them on at the shop… but now i feel a bit funny when i wear them? What if they’re too big and too dark such that they look like those glasses blind people wear? Hehe. Oh well, i’m telling myself now that it’s just me. I look fine!! Right? Right?

Right! I look fine. 😛 Don’t answer that.


Darn! Apparently i bought the Men’s design of the sunglasses. This is the female equivalent…

oakley female.jpg

Did i make the wrong choice?

Disgruntled Customer

If you’ve been reading the local papers recently, i’m sure u’ve seen this full page, full colour ad campaign encouraging all Singaporeans to smile because we’re expecting lots of foreign visitors & dignatories coming for some IMF thingy. Great. So we smile only at foreigners but not locals?

Well, fine. Whatever. That’s not my grouse today. Being the guest of 3 upcoming weddings (on the 24/6, 25/6 & 8/7), i wanted a manicure that would last and look pretty for all 3 weddings. For the uninclined, no nail polish lasts that long. So i figured that the best solution was to do a French manicure – using the latest ‘gel’ polish for the white tips, and normal nail varnish for the rest of the nail bed.

(Gel-type varnish lasts 3 weeks or more and u can clean off the normal varnish w/o the gel coming out. Which means i can always clean off the normal varnish part & repaint that… and the white tips would still remain intact. Ok, it’s complicated. Contact me if u want more details.)

Knowing that this would be a normal than longer manicure, i purposely arranged to have my pedicure (feet) and manicure done on separate days. I did my pedi on Tue (20/6) because pedis usually last a good 2-3 weeks. And my manicure was done tonight.

I arrived punctually at the nails salon (it’s called Nail Bliss, located at OCBC Centre @ Raffles Place) at 6pm and informed the gal who was supposed to do my nails of my request. She said it was a little rushed to do a gel-type french manicure because they would need to let the normal varnish part dry completely before applying the gel. As the gal consulted a few others in the salon, i gathered from their conversation (mainly in Malay + some English) that the reason why they didn’t want to do my nails the way i wanted was because they were overbooked this evening.

Now, is that my problem? I made an appointment and they knew my special request beforehand because i was at the salon a few days ago and i enquired about the price (it’s an extra $20), AND made the appointment on the spot! So if they allowed themselves to be overbooked, then they can go ahead and do OT. Think money so easy to earn is it?

The gal gave all sorts of excuses but i reasoned out plainly to her – i can’t come again next week because i have TWO weddings to attend this weekend and the purpose of doing my nails is to have them look pretty at the wedding. Also, if it takes too long for the normal varnish to dry before applying the gel on top, they can always just do the white tips on my nails, then apply the pinkish nail varnish on top!! I did that before at another salon so i KNOW it can be done.

Out-talked, the gal acceded to my request but got another gal (i’m assuming the 2nd person is more experienced since they had to purposely switch her to do my nails) to do the mani for me.

As she did my nails, i could see her frustration & exasperation. All i can say is, more haste, less speed. The more she tried to rush, the more mistakes & corrections she had to do. In fact, i think i compromised a lot already. She DIDN’T give my hands the usual moisturiser + massage treatment and i didn’t say anything. Heck! She didn’t even apply a BASE COAT for my nails and i tolerated it.

But the end result?? The white tips look damn bloody untidy!! Her score is 3.5 /10! Yes, only 3.5 nails look ok! That’s terrible isn’t it?? After everything was done, i knew they didn’t have time to touch up the ugly looking tips but i was really REALLY unhappy. So i asked the receptionist if they could do a touch-up, which, thankfully, the gal who did my nails said ok. (I asked in a rather quiet voice… but might have exploded if they gave me more crap.)

So i’ve arranged for a touch-up session this coming Mon. If they don’t touch up satisfactorily, u can rest assured that i will spam everyone i know working in Raffles Place about this… and in turn, i’ll get my friends to spam everyone else they know. Yep. UptownGal’s my name, smear campaign’s my game. Mai play play.

Will update on how the touch up session goes on Mon… if i don’t die of heart attack from seeing the ugly tips before then…


Wanted to take photos to illustrate what i mean but my room’s a little dark now and the photos from my hp turned out a little blurry ‘cos i have to take my fingers really close. Fine… i shall try to describe what’s wrong with my nails.

Right hand: Thumb & little finger – white tip lopsided & way too thick!! 2nd & 3rd finger has miniature air bubbles trapped in the nail varnish. >:(
Left hand: Thumb, 2nd, 3rd & last finger – white tip lopsided! 4th finger ok but white tip way too thin!

*Frowns*. How can anyone allow such shoddy workmanship!! If it’s going to be this untidy, i might as well do my french mani myself!! Why the heck did i pay like $50 for it right?? #%)&@

The Secret to Matching

Was supposed to post these photos last night. But i was very tired last night. As in really really tired… as in the tired till u can’t believe how tired i am kind of tired…u get my point…

blue dress.jpg

Striking midnight blue shoes i bought from this shop at The Arcade 2 days ago, the new dress i bought from GG<5 yesterday, a new blue crystal bracelet from Chomel i bought last night & an old shawl that matches everything! The white shoes are for my white dress from Warehouse. :)


I nicknamed this “Pinky Tee” because the t-shirt’s pink and the design has bunnies all over! Soooo cute! Thinking of buying an identical one ‘cos i love it so much. Would be very sad if this one gets ruined for whatever reason!


The fruit-sweets i mentioned in ‘Bored & Hungry’

(Sorry about the super small thumbnail… that’s just the way it is in WordPress… blogspot sure does better thumbnails! 🙁 )

Actually, Cirrus was right – i’ve recently developed a tendency to buy a pair of shoes first, then find clothes to match. But i’ve realised that this is the best way to put together a super co-ordinated outfit. ‘Cos it’s more difficult to find shoes than clothes… hence it’s easier to buy clothes to match your shoes, than vice versa. Heh. I’m usually a very lazy dresser. I buy clothes in blue / black / white so it’s always very easy to mix & match. But that also resulted in my wardrobe being very plain. But since i’ve started buying shoes first, then clothes to match, suddenly, i find myself dressing better! Muahahaha!

Hey Big Spender!

The Great Singapore Sale rocks!! Hehe… just came back from a shopping spree at Wisma Atria and boy did i buy tons of stuff!! Hehe.

I bought this pretty linen dress from Warehouse (to be worn for some upcoming weddings – so frens attending the same weddings as me, please don’t buy the same dress. I chope first!), i bought a white top from Lver, a beige jacket & skirt matching suit from Southaven (Can u believe it? 5 years of working life and this is my one and only matching suit!), a white belt – also from Southaven, a bag i’ve been eyeing for eons from Charles & Keith, a lavender shower foam & elderflower eye gel from Bodyshop. All for only $379.97!! Yippee! *Dances around with glee*

All these items are on top of 2 pairs of really dainty shoes (so unlike me) i bought last week from Aldo and Everbest. All the purchases were made during the special midnight sale (from 9pm – 12am) at Wisma Atria… where participating shops gave extra discounts of approx. 15-20%. Fantastic man! Bagus! Excellent! WOOHOO!

Poor Cirrus tagged along with me. Unfortunately for him, almost all the shops selling guy stuff were closed!! Even G2000 was closed. (Heard it was open during last weekend’s midnight sale). So a resigned Cirrus followed me as i combed through all the shops, and carried my bags for me. Haha. He was nearly bored to tears i think. He said he saw the same look in the eyes of all the other guys in the shops – they were all walking around zombified.

Heh… what can i say? This is what happens when u don’t go shopping with your gf for 10 months. Muahahahaha…

Strapless Bras

I consider myself quite an authority on bras… strapless bras to be specific ‘cos i’ve been on a hunt for good ones for years. The biggest curse of being busty is not being able to find a strapless bra that’ll hold!

Recently, i was introduced to this backless strapless bra by my colleague. It holds itself to your body by an adhesive backing that is reusable up to a couple of hundred washes. Fantastic invention i say! Perfect for evening dresses that show off the back, and since it sticks to the body, it won’t drop off! Or so i thought…

The 1st pair i bought was this cheapo one from Watsons… costs only about $20… wah liew. Material made of fabric. Sucks man. Totally doesn’t stick. Pui! So i decided to go for the authentic stuff. Bought a pair from Nubra. Made of sillicone, this was really soft & nice to touch. Got it from Robinsons… at about $120 for 2 pairs. Fantastic hold – i could even use it for salsa! The only problem was? The darn sillicone was so thick that i didn’t dare wear it with my tube tops ‘cos i didn’t want to be SG’s Amy Yip. Before long, both pairs got tucked away in my wardrobe. (But if u enjoy a bit of extra boost, this is the most comfortable pair.)

A couple of months back, there was this pushcart stall near my office selling this adhesive bras again. I can’t remember the brand now… mannequin? Something like that. They have a main store at Adelphi Shopping Centre. The bras are made of fabric and bleah!! They’re lousy too. I wore them once and after i washed them, the bras weren’t really sticky anymore. Not good. Pui pui! Wasted my $49! 🙁 I was still stuck with a problem of looking for a good strapless bra.

Today, there was yet another pushcart stall near my office. I checked out the sample set carefully and wow… the bras were really sticky. The best part? The bras are made of sillicone but they’re really really thin!! I bought a pair – they’re the most expensive to date – $128. Tried them on after work when i was shopping around Orchard area and they are GOOT! Check out their website at The only drawback is that there are some sections of the bra that are without adhesive… so i felt a little insecure initially. But after traipsing all over town, i’m convinced they’re good. In fact, i’m going to buy a 2nd set tomorrow!

And so ends my search for a good strapless bra. Haha. I highly recommend the voyeurbra!! Heh. 😀



  1. One whose domicile lies at an appreciable distance from his or her place of business.
  2. A value far from most others in a set of data: “Outliers make statistical analyses difficult” (Harvey Motulsky).
  3. Geology. A portion of stratified rock separated from a main formation by erosion.

Growing up, i’ve often suspected that i’m an outlier, as per definition no. 2. Why?

  1. I started talking at 10 months, but didn’t really attempt to walk much till i was almost 2-years old. (Why walk when u can get someone to carry u right? And of ‘cos, in order to get someone to carry u where u want to go, it’s important that you open your mouth to direct them!)
  2. In nursery/kindergarten, all my classmates (at least all those i remember) always wanted a younger sibling for company. But i told my mom that i didn’t want any. Didn’t see the point in it.
  3. A typical 4-year old would probably hate going for extra non-academic classes… but i used to bug my parents every week till they let me take up ballet, piano, art, and taekwando lessons!
  4. I’m one of the rare Singaporeans who doesn’t understand Hokkien.
  5. On that same note, my standard of English probably ranks within the top 5% of all Singaporeans, and given that i spoke English almost exclusively while growing up, it’s kind of weird but i listen solely to Chinese pop. In fact, i don’t even know who are the members of the Backstreet Boys, U2, etc…
  6. And today, the outlier syndrome struck once again… i went to highlight my hair and i chose Magenta Red as it was the darkest red on the colour chart. My hairdresser also said that all her clients who wanted a visible red had to add Copper Red to Magenta Red, in order for the red to be visible. But for me? This is what i got…
(My hair is really super red… if it’s not obvious in the photo, that’s ‘cos it was taken in a rather dim carkpark.)There u have it! My bright red hair!