This must be the biggest peeve of the week. My blood absolutely boiled this morning! Someone had the wretchedness to accuse me of not informing her that i had set a July schedule in place for the agents, resulting in someone turning up for work when he didn’t have to this morning. (Come on, i even wrote about it on my blog. The whole world wide web knew about this month-long schedule i planned!)

She even dared to send a mass sms to my boss, her boss, & 2 affected agents saying i should’ve “given advance notice to the agents” instead of “emailing the roster only this morning”, and that it was “not her fault”!?!? What did she mean not her fault?? I confronted her outright. Wasn’t going to let her get away with smearing my name.

I replied to everyone in the mass sms and said outright that i sent out the Jul schedule more than 2 weeks ago, of which that wretched witch even replied to me via email. So how could she be “not informed”??

After being exposed by me, she sent another mass sms to me, my boss, and her boss saying that she “went through all her previous emails” but yet she couldn’t find anything on the Jul roster, and she “thanked me for the clarification today”. What bullshit! We’ve been on this topic since 12 June and she had the audacity to say that “she wasn’t aware”??

I came home & pulled out all our previous email correspondence on the topic, sent them in 1 nice email to her, my boss, and her boss to set the record straight. Seriously. Don’t try to be funny with me ‘cos i have an excellent memory when it comes to this sort of official correspondence, and i have a habit of saving all my mails.

If you really made a mistake, fine. Admit it and we can all move on. (Hey! I sound like the political party i support!) I don’t usually rip people’s “face” into bits. But if u try to shift the blame to others, esp. to ME, i will crush u like a cockroach (ala Masters of the Sea) or scratch your face with my six-carat handmade ring (ala a very well-known hairstylist in Singapore).

So there. Bottomline is? Don’t mess with me.


To: wretched witch
From: UptownGal
Date: 07/01/2006 06:56PM
cc: my boss, WW’s boss
Subject: Fw: Jul 2006 Schedule

Dear Wretched Witch,

I find it extremely strange that you were not aware of the July 2006 schedule till this morning, and that despite “going through all our previous emails” (as stated in your sms), you were unable to find anything about the Jul schedule I sent out.

If you take a look at our long chain of correspondence below, I first sent out the July 06 schedule on 12 Jun 2006. You replied my email on 14 Jun 2006 saying that the Jul schedule should be the same as Jun. I then replied on 15 Jun 2006 saying that we will NOT be using your weekly sms schedule for June, but to use the Jul 2006 schedule I prepared because there was frequent errors resulting from the weekly planning.

The last reminder I gave that we were to follow the monthly schedule for Jul was in an email on 23 Jun 2006 , similarly attached below.

May this email set the record straight.



—– Original Message —–

From: UptownGal

To: Wretched Witch

Sent: Friday, June 23, 2006 5:59 PM

Subject: Re: Weekend roster
J will be back on Saturday… so better let her know that she doesn’t need to come on Sunday.

From next Sat onwards, we’ll just follow the schedule i emailed out. Thanks.

Best regards,



To: Wretched Witch
From: UptownGal
Date: 06/15/2006 03:11AM
cc: my boss
Subject: Re: – Jul 2006 Schedule

Hi Wretched Witch,

In case you did not know, there have been frequent errors in manpower involvement for weekend duties. We often have too many agents on duty for weekends, and we end up having to ask some not to come (because those who arrive early discover that the names in your sms telling them to report for duty don’t tally with the people you actually send the sms to.)

Also, when agents take leave to go on holiday, things get messy because everything is arranged 3 days to a week beforehand. For example recently, there was no one to cover Sweety when she was on leave & E was alone for his Tuesday duty. Another case was two Sundays ago, when J was still in Singapore and she turned up for duty, but you arranged for Alf to cover her. In the end, we had to ask Alf not to come because we already had 6 agents.

I believe we can prevent this from happening if we have a monthly black & white schedule, instead of relying on weekly sms. This way, we can also have advance planning for public holidays. Not to mention that since everyone can see clearly who is supposed to be on duty, it will be easier for them to make their own arrangements to swop duties.

Let us try this for July.




To: UptownGal, my boss
From: Wretched Witch
Date: 06/14/2006 10:31AM
Subject: Re: Jul 2006 Schedule


The schedule for July is as the same as June roster, shouldnt be of any change, except if agents are not free to do duty, they have to arrange themselves with fellow team agents to cover up.


Wretched Witch
Associate Director
Project Sales Division


To: all agents
From: UptownGal
Date: 06/12/2006 04:23PM
cc: wretched witch, my boss
Subject: Jul 2006 Schedule

Dear Wretched Witch,

As I have not heard from you regarding the schedule for the month of Jul, I thought I’ll just do up a schedule myself. Hope this will ease your load since you’re so busy with Eternity.

To all agents – Please take note of this schedule that covers the entire month of July 06.

As this schedule is given to all agents way in advance, if you cannot make it for duty on any day, please take the initiative to get someone to cover you ok? (For e.g., if your K duty clashes with Triumphant, please arrange for someone to swop with you.)

Everyone’s mobile nos. are also inside the schedule for easy reference.

LC is taking an extended break so I have removed her from the mailing list.

Best regards,


3 Responses to “Huge catfight but i’m game! Bring it on!”

  1. 1 sandy

    wah, obviously WW has no clue about your experience with email correspondence regarding complaints and such matters.

    although you may be right, sometimes it might be better to give her an exit to back out of the argument while saving some face. if people know you’re right, then you’re right.

    you still have to work with this lady for some time more and it would be good to keep that remaining time together as peaceable as possible, if possible.

  2. 2 katriney

    Yes, I’m witness. The schedule was sent out LONG LONG AGO, because the person who was supposed to do it, didn’t. It’s so typical. Thank GOD for the emailing system of saving SENT messages. And to think that a head of a team of an agency would even try to lie, with ‘paper’ evidence ! *tsk *tsk
    But then, she never impressed me before!

  3. 3 uptowngal

    Actually this really isn’t the first episode of friction with WW. And my frustration was built up over time such that i can no longer stand even an ounce of nonsense from her.

    She sent an email in the end saying something like she really didn’t receive the attachment and “let’s not quarrel over such petty trival matters” blah blah blah.

    My boss also sat down & asked me what exactly the whole hoohah was about. I told him the issue’s been dealt with. That i just wanted to put my foot down but it’s ok. Everything’s resolved now. Actually, i said to my boss, “it’s no big deal… WW was just being the bitch she usually is but everything’s ok now.”


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