Had a night out with the girls.  First time i’ve ever had a night out with a group of girls actually.  Most of my closer friends are guys, with the exception of Azure.  Had a lot of fun.  Started drinking at Eon Canteen about 8:30pm, then moved to Actors at Boat Quay.  Had lots of crazy fun.  Loved it.

Starting to appreciate my colleagues more and more.  In the past, whenever i met any relationship problems, i tend to keep them to myself.  Seldom would i express how i feel… and when the pain grows from having been bottled up, occassionally, (i think only once actually), i may call Iceman and cry over the phone.

The difference about sharing your woes with guys and gals is that guys tend to try to offer a solution… which is really quite redundant ‘cos no one will know the situation/ solution better than the parties involved in the problem.  Gals however, will just listen to you, empathise, and the focus is on providing support.

It is only through this latest dent in my rainbow that i learnt that the true meaning of “a problem shared is a problem halved”.  Thank you gals.  🙂

I think i’m about 95% recovered now.  Amazing speed of recovery u may say.  Haha.  No wonder it was reported recently that Singaporeans are the faster walkers worldwide.  We move on, fast.

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