Blessing in Disguise

Was just chatting with my Qingfu on MSN.  Told me that he experienced an earthquake 2 nights ago.  Happened at 4:40am, 4.5 on the Richter scale.  He woke up ‘cos his bed shook and of ‘cos the furniture in his room started moving.  But no serious damage to person nor possessions.  Which is very very fortunate.  My Qingfu also damn funny… said the first thing that crossed his mind was – “does this mean no exams?”.  Haha.  But no.. his exams are a few weeks away and they’re going on as scheduled. 

Was going to tell my Qingfu about the super suay night i had 2 nights ago (Fri night) too.  Then it suddenly hit me that i wasn’t really suay?  What happened on Fri night was this.  I was the emcee for Partner’s wedding.  When we were getting ready for the dinner, i was trying to bun up my hair when my hair clip broke.  Fine.  No biggie but that’s incident 1.

The dinner went smoothly.  After the dinner, as Azure and i was leaving the carpark, my complimentary ticket didn’t work.  In fact, my cashcard jammed too!!  Though i eventually managed to use it to pay the $10.50 parking charge and got out of the carpark.  That was incident 2.

I decided to take CTE-PIE to go home.  Traffic was bad on the CTE… slow moving traffic… which i thought never mind lah… Fri night… no hurry right?  Just be patient lor.  Then the car in front of me jammed brake.  I followed suit… but while i managed to stop in time, the guy behind me didn’t… and “Boom!”.  There was this loud sound as my bumper got hit.

Argh!  I put on my hazzard lights and got out of the car.  As i looked into my rear view mirror, i saw an Indian guy get out of the other car.  There was this sinking feeling inside me… and i steeled myself for a possible argument should the driver behind try to pin blame on me for jamming my brakes.

Thankfully, the guy turned out to be a nice, soft-spoken chap.  And the amazing thing was, though the “Boom” sound was really loud, i couldn’t see any damage to my car!! 

The guy suggested that we move our cars a little further apart so we could have a better view.  I took note of his licence plate and moved my car to the road shoulder and he followed too.  Our 2nd inspection confirmed that there was no real damage… the toyota logo of his car hit the metal strip of my bumper… there were some fine scratches within a 1cm area but that was it!  His toyota logo was slightly scratched too. 

Seeing that the damage (if u can even call it damage) was minimal, i decided to let it pass.  What was there to repair anyway right?  The guy was obviously relieved and so we headed back into our respective cars and drove off.

About 50m in front, Azure and i saw a 4-car bumper collision and guess what?  The car that caused me to jam my brakes?  He was the last car in the 4-car accident.  Wahahaha.  Azure said, “Wow.  Looks like that guy’s fated to get into an accident.”

I agreed.  Hehe.  But in retrospect, i realise (and was telling my Qingfu) that thank God i got into the minimal damage bumper incident with the car behind else i might have ended up as the 5th car in the latter accident!!

Qingfu said, “Blessing in disguise!”

Yeap!  I concur.

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