Feng Tianwei Jia You!!!!!!

I’m really really impressed with the latest addition to our table-tennis team, Feng Tianwei!  Though she’s a "lowly" world #9, the tenacity she has against players who are ranked higher than her is amazing.  I’ve been dutifully watching the "Today in Beijing" every night at 11pm just to catch the table-tennis team’s performance and I am truly moved by their determination.  How they fight so hard for every point, their focus and willpower driving them forward, I love these women!

Although Feng Tianwei lost in her match against Zhang Yining today, I think she did extremely well against the world #1.  Seeing Zhang’s frustration at the extremely strong challenge Feng posed gave me great satisfaction!  Looking at Zhang’s eyebrows furrow as EVERY set they played went into deuce… my admiration for Feng has increased tremendously.  The score of their 5 sets are – 13-11, 12-14, 14-12, 12-10 13-11.  Well done Feng Tianwei!!

Zhang Yining said this of Feng Tianwei, "She has good defence and is good at rallies.  Compared to the last time, I feel that she has improved in her ability to sustain a rally.  She is still young and has a great future."  (Feng is 21 years old).

This is quite a contrast with what Zhang Yining said of her earlier opponent, Ai Fukuhara from Japan. 

"Overall the match was within my control. I felt quite assured of a win. Compared to my opponent, I have greater capabilities. So I was certain of winning the match.  I might have relaxed too much in the fourth game and lost my concentration. I just wanted to hurry up and go home to rest."

Go home to rest?!?  Hahahahahaha.  I thought that was hilarious.  I would be so insulted if I were Ai Fukuhara.  Heeheehee.

There was a bit of a screw up in one of our table-tennis matches today though.  Gao Ning had to compete without any coach’s assistance.  When the president of our table-tennis association Lee Bee Wah saw this, she immediately called the team manager but was told that all the coaches were busy preparing for the evening matches!  I agree with Lee Bee Wah when she told the press that this was unacceptable!  Singapore brought 5 coaches to Beijing.  One coach was overseeing another match… which means we still had 4 coaches available!  How could they ALL be preparing for the evening’s matches?  I certainly hope she probes further into this!  Tsk tsk!

Anyway, we still have one last player in the running for a medal in the table-tennis singles event.  Team captain, Li Jiawei will be facing Zhang Yining tomorrow.  Li has never won Zhang in the last 12 times they met… but there’s always a first. 明天会跟好.

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