Chao England Angmoh

*Roll eyes*.  Yeap.  Can’t help start my post by rolling my eyes.  The Beast is one freaking petty underwriter.  One day after the blow up, Bigmac spoke to him and apologised about how things turned out – basically extending an olive branch to the Beast.  Guess what was the Beast’s response?  He said he noted the apology but he would still need to review this during renewal next year!  Bigmac had only one description for him – "petty asshole".  I can’t agree more.

I don’t want to make a sweeping statement here so I will qualify this by saying with regard to all the Caucasians I work with, the most snobbish and condescending ones seem to be the Brits.  Although the French have been regarded as the proud ones, I’ve had no problems (attitude wise) with the ones I work with so far.  Ditto for the New Zealanders, Australians, Canadians and Americans.  So I really don’t get what is it with the Brits.  Is this some misplaced arrogance left over from the days when the British empire colonised the region?  Or do they just think they’re the kings of the world?

Given the grief I’ve been experiencing from them, I’ve even considered switching to spelling words the American way.  After all, it may be more efficient – e.g.  "colour" vs "color" saves the typing of 1 letter, and this would be my quiet way of saying I endorse the Americans more than the Brits.  The only thing that’s holding me back is the thought that spelling things the British way gives due credit to the folks who came up with the language.

Sigh.  I’m still deliberating this…

Or maybe I should just use Singlish.  That Beast ah… sibeh petty lor.  Damn kena sai man.

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