Pissed off with Neighbour

I am really pissed off with my neighbour – the one from the next block that leashed their dog outside the flat.  The woman who stays there is a horrible driver.  She can NEVER park her car straight and the car will always cross into the lot on the left.  Totally inconsiderate.  In the last 2 weeks that our 2nd car, the Kia Rio, was parked next to theirs, our poor Rio has suffered numerous dents, of which there’re 3 spots where the paint chipped off, and another 2 where the light blue paint from the offending car was left on ours!  What the fark man.  I’m sure it’s more than pure coincidence that our idiotic neighbour’s car is light blue – the same shade as the paint left on our doors.  I really wonder if our neighbour purposely opened the car doors so hard that it slammed and left marks all over our car.  Imagine this, the Rio is only 1 month old, but it has more dents than our Latio that’s about 1 year old!

Sadly, there’s nothing much I can do except park at a further lot so I’m still damn pissed off about it.  Du lan… then it suddenly occurred to me – this same stupid idiotic moron of a neighbour always leaves a big tub of water outside their flat.  Don’t know what the heck for.  I see it as a potential mosquito breeding ground.  After all the advertisements on TV about not having stagnant water lying around, you still have this sort of idiots who do it.  I mean, if they want their whole family to die of dengue fever, then so be it… but don’t drag your neighbours down with you right?  Anyway, I’m not one to complain without doing anything.  I’ve reported them to the National Environment Agency, who said they’ll send someone over to check on this.  I hope they get fined big time.  Grr… really pissed off.

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April 2010