Married Life?

There’s one question that I get posed quite often – “how’s married life?”.  I seriously don’t know what sort of answers these people are expecting.  I mean, married or not, life goes on right?  I don’t think a couple’s life will have any major adjustments till a kid comes along – and for the record, I still find kids very dirty and unhygienic.

While in the shower tonight, I thought about this question “how’s married life” again, after an ex-colleague sent an sms asking me earlier this evening.  I guess there’ll always be some quirks that need adjusting to but that’s about it.  The quirks can be quite funny though!

For example, I have an obsession with keeping the bedroom doors closed.  This is because I switch on the aircon every night and thus I’m very paranoid about leaking the cool air out.  I also worry about condensation forming on the airconditioning unit and therefore I keep my bedroom doors shut even after the aircon is switched off.  Lastly, I recall my dad’s teaching that if you can keep the cool air in the room as much as possible, the next time you switch on the aircon, it wouldn’t have to work so hard to cool down the room, thus saving energy.

Iceman, however, having been used to not sleeping in an airconditioned room, tends to leave the doors ajar sometimes.  Sometimes it’s ‘cos he’s only going out of the bedroom to get something, sometimes the door just didn’t get shut tight.  As a result, I always end up closing all the doors (i.e. our 2 bedroom doors & 1 toilet door) that I find open.  I found this troublesome initially but have concluded that since I’m the one with the obsession, I should be the one taking action.

Iceman’s quirk relates to electricity usage.  He likes to switch off the mains of our TV, Mio player, Starhub box, broadband modem, etc.  His reasoning is that this helps avoid vampire electricity usage and thus saves on electrical bills.  While I totally agree that cutting down the electricity bill is good, I find it too troublesome to switch off and on these mains on a daily basis because we use these appliances every day!  Anyway, Iceman doesn’t bug me about switching the mains off and he does it so I guess that works out ok too.

Heh. So that’s the main adjustments I guess… nothing major.. just kind of amusing.  🙂

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