Silky Girl BB Cream

I’m in honeymoon mode already.  Hehe.  Still have a lot of things to clear in office but I was a little reluctant to start something that I won’t be able to finish by Wed, e.g. policy wording negotiations, etc. 

Anyway, I popped over to Tg Pagar during lunch to “stretch” my wedding shoes a little and picked up this Silky Girl BB Cream from Watsons.  I think this is a relatively new produdct… but it’s cheap – only $13.90, so I thought of trying it.  My main purpose is to find a sunscreen that’ll even out the skin tone at the same time – dual usage – which I deem highly important when on holidays.  (Yes!  I need to maximise sleep!).

I’ve never done a b4 and after photo before so I was pleasantly surprised the Panasonic Lumix FX33 worked pretty well for this… haha.

P1020569 P1020572

Before on the left.

After on the right.

I didn’t apply a lot of it… just a very thin film so I think the coverage is pretty decent.  :)  Covers my freckles. 


 P1020570 P1020573

Here’s the other cheek.  Before and after!

The Here & Now

Just went through a massive clearing of old stuff from my room… continuation of the cleaning process that stopped at 3am last night. I threw out loads of notes from KC days, TPJC days and TJC days. Gosh. I’m an incredible hoarder.

I suppose the process could be much quicker but I couldn’t help pause to read the old Christmas cards, birthday cards, letters, and so on from old friends. (Azure – I even found our scribbles from lectures during JC days! Haha… I couldn’t stop laughing when I read what you wrote about CS pouring water on my now cousin-in-law… I saved the paper to show you some day… hahaha).

Even more coincidentally, I found photos from our old church youth choir performance at Takashimaya, Deck the Mall, and guess what? Some people in church are thinking of re-staging the musical for Christmas this year. Haha. How time flies… 15 years have past since we first performed it at Taka.

While physically throwing out stuff, I was also backing up data from my desktop pc, aka the “iCute”, to my portable hard disk. All the old photos, old videos, bittorrents, etc, have now been moved to my portable hdd. (This is probably the last post that’s being typed from the iCute).

Looking back at the past 17 years of history that I just sorted out, I think the lesson I’ve learnt is to cherish the “here and now”. Not that the future or eternity isn’t important… but we need to be aware and mindful of every second that ticks.

I want to say a big THANKS to everyone who has been part of my life the past 17 years. God bless.

Seeing Double

Argh.  I don’t believe this.  I actually crossed paths with gayhole again during lunch!  I went to Joe & Dough to buy a coffee & when I came out, I walked past gayhole, with his huge gym bag (and probably knocking over everyone on his way), heading to The Sandwich Shop.  I refused to even cast a glance at him.  Disgusting piece of faecal excrement. 

Now onto some good double stuff.  I bought a pack of wasabi chips from Arcade just now… and when I dabao’d a sandwich from Delifrance, I got a bag of chips too!  Hehe.  Yay.  It’s a chippy day!

Farking Emotional Gay Assholes

Saw the stupid gayhole on the train again this morning.  He was standing directly behind me.  Although I knew he would be able to see my sms, I didn’t bother.  I typed an sms to Iceman tell him that the “blardy asshole I quarelled with is standing directly behind me.

Well, the gayhole was obviously reading what I wrote.  ‘Cos he then started bitching to his gay partner abt me, after they moved slightly away (they were 2 people away from me).  So I continued my smsing with Iceman and Booze Queen and the gayhole started recounting to his partner how our quarrel started.  Of course, the gayhole made it seem like he was a saint.  He then said very loudly twice, “She’s probably sending smses to her friend to complain about me.  I’m sure she can hear what he said”.  And to be sure I could hear, he actually said that twice.

I ignored him the first time but when he said it again, I told my mom what he said and I said very loudly, “CHAO GAYS!”.

He didn’t defend the charge.

My mom said he turned to stare at me as he walked out.  I didn’t see it… I was still on my hp.  If I did, I probably would’ve rolled my eyes again. 

If he ever stands behind me again, I’m going to type on my hp, “Chao gayholes deserve to be called what they are for reading over other people’s shoulder”.

Seriously.  I hate these chao emotional gays with a fake angmoh slang.  So damn sissy and emotionally repressed. 


P.S.  I need to add a note to say that I have nothing against gays.  I have a good friend who’s gay.  But the difference between him and the gayhole above, is that my friend is NOT emo!!

Too Many Things on My Mind

And I meant that literally.  This must be the longest silence on my blog ever but work has been crazy.  The endless phone calls, voice mails and deals coming in now is ridiculous.  A new girl, nicknamed Apple Pie (in line with the “McDonald’s theme”), joined us on 1 Jul but I haven’t been able to spend much time with her.  Sigh.  I can see her surfing POEMS and Yahoo regularly at work but I can’t blame her also… no time to coach her.

There were many things I saw and wanted to blog about in the past 2 weeks+ but just didn’t manage to get down to it.  Anyway, this is a short blog post to let you know I’m alive.  Gotta type out the “thank you speech” for the wedding soon.  Actually I thought out the whole speech in my mind last night… before I went to sleep…but didn’t have time to type it out during the day.  I hope I remember most of what I thought about!  I also thought about what to buy the parents as a “thank you gift”, amendments to make to the photo montage, etc.  Yeap… that’s how it’s been the past few weeks… holding a lot of information in my mind… waiting for that little bit of time that I can snatch to execute the thoughts!