I know this isn’t an entirely fair comparison given that the M500 is a much older model (well, it’s older by 1 to 2 years) but there are these little things about the X200 that are making me love it more and more.  Here’s why:

  • It doesn’t heat up much.  Heating is a huge problem with the Toshiba M500.
  • The speakers are better – at least my MP3s sound better!  The Toshiba M500 has a tendency to make my MP3s sound a little squeaky.
  • There’re volume buttons on the laptop, allowing me to mute, unmute, increase & decrease the volume!  The M500 only allows me to mute/unmute via a function ("Fn") button.
  • The speakers on the X200 are on the "front side" of the laptop such that even when I close the laptop, I can still hear my music loud & clear.  The speakers on the M500 are on the screen panel so you have to leave the laptop open in order to hear clearly.
  • Once again, the battery life on the X200 is freaking excellent!!  Normal usage (wireless broadband but not playing any MP3s) allows me 9-10hrs of usage!  I don’t have to bring my adaptor/charger home over the weekend ‘cos 9hrs is definitely sufficient to check office email and surf a little!  I almost never use the battery on my M500… but when I last did… I only got 2 hrs of batt life!  How sad is that!  It used to be 3.5 to 4hrs…  🙁
  • The fingerprint reader on the X200 is very sensitive.  I think I may forget my login & email passwords soon… haha.  The fingerprint reader on the M500 gave me problems right from the start… (blogged about it b4).
  • It’s super light!  With the 9-cell battery, the laptop only weighs

The only 3 things that I prefer about the M500?

  1. I like the pearl white.
  2. The keyboard is softer and easier to type… but maybe that’s ‘cos I’ve had it since 2007.  Heh.
  3. The "Fn" button is on the bottommost row, 2nd from left.  The "Fn" button on the X200 is the 1st from left on the bottommost row… which makes it a little awkward for me to press Ctrl-C or Ctrl-Shift type of shortcuts.  I keep hitting the "Fn" button instead.

3 Responses to “Toshiba Protege M500 vs Lenovo X200”

  1. 1 taufik

    Bro, gw punya masalah sama notebook jenis ini nih. Setelah saya install XP dan Vista kenapa soundnya gak kedetek ya ? Apa si bro punya drivernya ?

    Seri notebooku adalah Toshiba M500-PPM51L

    Thanxs sharingnya

  2. 2 UptownGal

    er, sorry, i have no idea what you’re writing.

  3. 3 UptownGal

    hmm… my guess is u got a same notebk as me n u’re look for some drivers for vista? no idea.. you’ll hv to contact your local helpdesk.

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