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7th Heaven

I took these 3 photos of Fatty & Pinky with my hp camera this afternoon. Last 3 shots of the siblings sleeping together happily. I was quite tempted to name them “Patience” & “Cirrus” (depending on their gender) when they grew up… but there’s no need for that now i suppose. Pinky could just remain […]

Forever Young

Fatty died tonight. It was very sudden. It was about 7:30pm and i brought both babies down to the backyard to feed them. I managed to coax Horlicks to lie down so i went to carry Fatty to her… but as i was approaching, Horlicks got up again. So i placed Fatty back into its […]

Please vote! Baby bunnies need names.

Hi everyone! Need some help. Should i name Pinky, “Latte” and Fatty, “Mocha”? Or should i let Pinky remain as Pinky (it’s a cute name anyway) & Fatty becomes “Kuachee”? (Well since the father is called MuahChee and kuachee is sorta brownish)?Ok… here are the choices: 1) Pinky & Mocha 2) Pinky & Kuachee 3) […]

Happy 3rd Day

The babies are now 3 days old. Aiyah… just realised ishould’ve weighed them at birth then i’ll know whether they grew or not! Hmm…. maybe i should weigh them tomorrow. A little worried for 001 aka Fatty ‘cos it’s not fat anymore. It’s thinner than Pinky (002) even! But for their dinner juz now, i […]

Goodnight babies

Just went to check on the babies. They’re sleeping in a small box in the guest room on the 2nd floor. We decided not to keep them outside ‘cos the change in temperature may be too drastic for them and since it was obvious that Horlicks wouldn’t be able to feed them successfully, we chose […]

“Eat dead cat”

There’s this Cantonese saying, “吃死猫” and it basically means to take the blame for someone else. Well, I wronged Coffee. No wonder he refused to play with me the past week.Just now, before Vivi left, I asked her to help me clarify Muah Chee’s gender and guess what we discovered? MC’s a guy!! I can’t […]


My dad went to the pet shop at Simei today to look for pine shavings. He wanted to line the nesting box with pine shavings to prevent the babies from rolling about so much ‘cos he suspects the thin baby was suffocated to death when it rolled under the nesting wool last night. At the […]

A miracle & a tragedy

This morning when i went to check on the babies, i couldn’t find them in the nesting box!! They somehow rolled themselves under the nesting wool and totally out of sight. I was gently probing the wool to find them and Horlicks kept hopping in & out of the cage… After searching for like 5 […]

Mummy Horlicks

Horlicks just gave birth to 2 babies! My parents just came home from dinner and my dad went to check on the rabbits. He heard Horlicks making darn a lot of noise, wanting to come out of her cage. Out of pity, he opened the door for her and ta-da! There were 2 baby rabbits […]

The process of getting married

At a friend’s wedding dinner recently, we started talking about the process of getting married. Generally i’ve observed 2 common ways that Singaporeans get married. My observation is that Christians usually have a church wedding in the morning / early afternoon, and a wedding dinner at night, then go on a honeymoon, and stay together […]

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