Latest Bunny Pics

Got more cute pics of the bunnies.



Guard duty.






“Red alert – what’s that sound?”






“We have to be careful of catruders,  u know!”






Pinky en pointe!






“Don’t think of touching my food!”






A very wet Horlicks.






Ms. Michelin






Pinky snoozing away.






“Sorry, didn’t mean to poop on the floor”






A very handsome Coffee.






Lazy Peanut on a hot afternoon.






Peanut @ the front garden.






Muah Chee & his food tray.






Looking absolutely toy-like!




The bunnies send their love.  🙂

My 1st Shower

hi once again my fans,

my chauffeur tricked me into a fur wash yesterday.  he first brought my mom into the house… and i thought my mom’s furstyle looked kind of weird when she came out… all spikey & wet… but i didn’t think more about it and hopped into my car when my chauffeur opened the door.

before i knew it, i found myself inside the bathroom with the showerhead raining water down on me at full blast.  i tried to run but i was trapped inside the shower stall! 

there was also this photographer from the paparazzi who kept taking videos of me showering!  yeeks!  a celebrity’s life is so dreadful.  i hate being in the public’s eye all the time.

anyway, it was a truly traumatic experience.  i kept trying to shake the water & soap suds away but my fur was just 1 soapy mess.  bleah!  some of the soapy water splashed onto my tongue too!  it tasted gross!  pui!

if u want to see the video of me in the shower *blushes*, u can find it here.


lotsa love,

a blushing Pinky

Pettiness Knows No Bounds

I had a very cool and aloof response from a “friend” today when i tried to talk to her.  Heard from someone a couple of days ago that she’s mad at me ‘cos i double-checked something with her some days back and she was offended that i thought she would “joke about something so serious”.  But, precisely ‘cos it was something very serious, that’s why i had to double-check to make sure it wasn’t a case of mistakened identity!

Anyway, i’m kind of miffed about it.  ‘Cos if i can contain all the feelings of betrayal i felt when she made a self-centred choice 2 years ago, i don’t see what right she has to be angry about something that she misunderstood about me in the first place.


dear fans & worshippers,

i nearly lost my life last nite.  there was a catruder in the backyard!! the catruder snucked in when my mommy & i were sleeping.  the plastic board covering the front of my cage dropped suddenly & the next thing i knew, i saw this pair of luminous eyes staring straight at me!  i had the fright of my life! “mommy! mommy!” i cried!  the catruder than walked proudly over to the front of my mommy’s cage.  but my mommy was very brave… she sat regally on her throne, puffed her chest out, and glared at the catruder.

i wanted to call my maid & chauffeur down but they were fast asleep.  i knew my mommy & i had to fend for ourselves.  it was scary… the cat put a paw into the cage and tried to scratch me.  i bet he wanted to disfigure me ‘cos he was jealous of my handsome mien.  *sniff*.  but my mommy stopped him. my mommy told him that if he dared lay a single paw on my fur, she’ll rip him to pieces.  my mommy then tried to sock the catruder and that scared him off. in his haste to escape, he knocked over our orange bathtub, some pails, my old wooden playhouse and some other random stuff.

my mommy’s my hero now.  she’s so brave.  everyone kowtow to my mommy now!



Life is Not a Coincidence

An ex-colleague of mine passed away yesterday.  Many in the office were rather surprised ‘cos he seemed fine in office the day before.  I also happen to be a friend of my colleague’s son (used to be from the same church), and his daughter was my primary schoolmate.

At the wake just now, i found out that my ex-colleague died of kidney failure.  He has been suffering from diabetes from some time now but it seems that he did not manage the illness very well.  His son also didn’t know that the father had diabetes till 2 months ago.

Chatting with some ex-colleagues, i got to know my late ex-colleague better.  He was a conscientious worker who nary took a day of medical leave.  Even on days that the doc gave him a MC to rest at home, he would return to office to submit the MC first, before going home to rest.

In my memory, this ex-colleague of mine was a quiet man.  He stayed out of all office politics, and was happy to just do his own work.  We chatted occassionally and he was a nice enough person.

Thinking back to how his daughter used to take the same school bus as me, and how his son was in the same church choir as me, and how i got to know this ex-colleague when i went to work at the ISP helpdesk after my A levels, i cannot help but “marvel” at all the coincidences.  Life is stranger than fiction?  Actually, i think not. 

I don’t think life is about coincidences.  Instead, i believe that God has it in His will for us to meet specific people.  It’s not about 6-degrees of separation.  It’s about us always being in God’s plan.  So if God has destined for u to know Person A for e.g., even if u miss the opportunity once, God will provide other avenues for u to know the person.

I think the lesson to draw here is that we should always cherish the people around us…. our loved ones, our friends, etc.  Not for the cliche reason that “life is short”, but ‘cos these people are not in our lives ‘cos of a coincidence.  The fact that God had allowed us to meet them means that we’re expected to touch their lives in some way, and vice versa.

Anyway, it’s late and i’m awfully tired.  Need to rush some work early tomorrow morning ‘cos i left before i could finish it today… thankfully, my boss was ok when i explained that i wanted to go for a wake.

Exhausted now.. can hardly keep my eyes open.  Goodnight people. 

The Stench of Hypocrisy

Saw this article on the Channel News Asia website today.  I like what it says.  🙂


Title : Activists not convinced S’pore-bashing Paul Wolfowitz on their side

Date : 19 September 2006 1348 hrs (SST)

The irony is that he is normally the target, not the man on the high horse.
When World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz took it upon himself to champion the cause of the civil society organisations (CSOs) – by taking a swipe at Singapore – he did not convince too many activists that he was on their side. On the other hand, he has managed to irritate a number of Singaporeans.

When Singaporean authorities wanted to keep a number of activists at bay for the duration of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) -World Bank meetings here, Mr Wolfowitz publicly termed the move “authoritarian”.
He went on to say that a lot of damage had been done to Singapore and that much of it was “self-inflicted”.

While a compromise of sorts has been struck on the activists issue, some Singaporeans are outraged by Mr Wolfowitz’s public comments.

Said Ms P L Tay, a manager in the tourism industry: “I found it rude and I feel very sad because the amount of preparations that we put in was humongous, be it retailers, the police, hoteliers or the airport staff. We literally closed down the country for you. You’re a guest and you can be diplomatic even if you are not happy about something.”

Echoing her sentiment was law graduate Siow Jia Rui, who felt that it would be naive to think that the IMF and World Bank officials were unaware of Singapore’s strict stance on protests.

He said: “The IMF and World Bank are in a position whereby they know their personal safety will not be in doubt and they look good when they say they want to engage the CSOs, but their hands are tied because, ‘Sorry, Singapore does not want to let them in’.”

The delegates are able to breathe easier this year because unlike at previous meetings, whereby they “get slammed left, right, centre”, a lot of CSOs are firing their salvos at Singapore, which takes some heat off the delegates, he argued.

According to local media reports, World Bank officials are said to be privately “very happy”with the arrangements by the S2006 organising committee for the meetings.

Some observers also found it hypocritical that the World Bank, which is now stressing its liberal image, had picked an unobtrusive site for the protests even though Singaporean authorities had offered it more prominent venues.
So was Mr Wolfowitz right to criticise Singapore?

Ms Sandy Krawitz of ActionAid International said bluntly: “When it comes to democracy, the World Bank and IMF are no experts.”

Describing Mr Wolfowitz as the “architect of the Iraq war three years ago” and touching on the controversy over his appointment to head the World Bank, as well as the anti-democratic manner that the IMF and World Bank hammers out economic policies for developing countries, Ms Krawitz argued that the two institutions knew exactly what they were getting into when Singapore was picked as a host venue in 2003.

Also, the two institutions should have started liaising with the Singapore authorities “way ahead” of this month’s meetings if they were keen on engaging the CSOs.

Added Ms Krawitz: “I think that when you point your finger at someone else, you’re pointing the other four back at yourself.”

Ms Shalmali Guttal from Focus on the Global South has reason to be bitter. She is one of the five activists who will not be allowed into Singapore. She would like an explanation for that.

Even so, she does not buy the World Bank’s efforts to ingratiate itself with the CSOs, when it is a target of much of their ire. Besides, she says she has nothing against Singaporeans.

“Singaporeans have been so nice,” concurred Ms Krawitz. “I really do understand the Four Million Smiles campaign.” – TODAY/ra


BOOHOOHOO!  I’m devastated!  My dad stole 5 out of 12 munchkin donuts i got Azure to port back from Bangkok.  My mom ate 1 too.  In the 30min that my donuts were left on the table unguarded, half of them are gone.  My mom has also “chope-d” 1 big donut for her breakfast tomorrow.  WAAAAHHHH!!!!  MY DONUTS ARE GONE!!!!!  I’M TRAUMATISED!!!  BOOHOOHOO! :`(

Before & After

Hmm… am watching Zhong Yi Da Ge Da on Ch U now… must be a really old episode ‘ cos the pop duo, “Sweety” looks super young – and not very overlooking.  Haha. 

Some time ago, I mentioned that there was this pair of singers on 100% Entertainment and they looked very different on 2 episodes i saw… and i attributed it to the power of makeup.  Now, i’m even more convinced that it’s ‘cos of makeup!  ‘Cos in Zhong Yi Da Ge Da now, Esther Liu (the currently really plump but looks very good with makeup half of the duo) is about the same weight as the other gal… can’t remember her name… Joanne something.  They’re both not fat (heavy thighs though!)… but neither are they the TV-slim type almost all Taiwanese artistes are.

However, the point i want to make is, they’re both not goodlooking.  Haha.  Esther Ng has rather small eyes… a great contrast to how she looks with the big dewy eyes now… hmm.. does putting on weight make your eyes grow bigger?  I think not.  Hence i can only conclude that i was right when i said that Taiwan has terrific makeup artistes.  Muahaha.

I think i need a makeover photo… need to start saving up $$ to go Taiwan to get one taken!


Did a bit of googling.  Here’s a pic of Sweety.  

Hmm… why does Esther Liu remind me of Sanshun of My Lovely Samsoon?  Haha… hmm… maybe with the current “plump wave” brought on by Korea, Esther Liu will gain even more popularity!!  😛

Joanne Ceng has lost a lot of weight though… maybe a bit too much… hmm… (Did anyone see Jamie Yeo’s photo in The Sunday Times today?  Solid figure man… every teenage boy’s fantasy i bet!)

That said, i have nothing against fat people.  I’m just being mean and making fun of Sweety ‘cos they can’t sing (at least not up to professional standards), don’t honestly look good (makeup, makeup, makeup!), but i guess they make good canvases for makeup artistes??  Hehe.  I do give them credit for being very sporting & ok to watch on variety shows.  At least they’re not the fake sweet-till-u-retch type.

Speaking of people who can’t sing.  I love the song in Jay Chou’s latest album… the one he duets with Fei Yu Qing.  I love the chorus sung by the latter… tho’ i don’t understand why Jay Chou would want to sing a duet with Fei Yu Qing ‘cos it really shows how badly Jay Chou sings lor.  Fei Yu Qing has this crystal clear voice that floats through the song & he enunciates the lyrics soooo well.  Then Jay Chou comes on and the song is obviously too high for him ‘cos he sounds all whiny & his usual mumbling of words muffles the lyrics.  Bleah!