Your View, My View

     Just found out that I was wrong.  Only 2 other ladies in my office eventually went to the same tailor to get their cheongsams made there.  So the delay by the tailor wasn’t materially due to too many orders from our office (thank goodness J told Auntie Esplanade not to make her cheongsam there ‘cos there were too many orders already).  Booze Queen said my previous post on the issue sounded a little harsh.  I said even if the delay wasn’t a result of too many ladies from my office going to the same tailor, my point on having to safeguard your own interests remains the same and so I’m leaving the post as it is.  Well, like I said at the start of it, this is one of those things where we have to agree to disagree so there. 

     Ok.  I gotta get ready to go to the tailor now.  Popped 2 panadol tablets to control the fever and ate a slice for energy.  Now I gotta get dressed and bring some water with me for my trip.

5 More Friends Uncensored

Iceman sent this to me.  Thought it was quite funny. 



So who do you think America will vote for?  My dad thinks McCain will win because he feels the white majority will not put a Black guy in office.  (And don’t tell me calling an "African American" a "Black" is derogatory.  It’s only derogatory if you make it to be… if you can call a Caucasian a White, a Chinese a Yellow, I don’t see why you can’t call a African-whatever a Black).

Safeguarding Your Own Interests

    This is one of those your view, my view, we agree to disagree things but I just had to get it off my chest.  Next week is my company’s D&D.  The theme is "Shanghai Night" so it was no surprise that a lot of the ladies in the office wanted to get a cheongsam made for the occasion.  Cheongsam tailor contacts, unfortunately, are few and far between.  When news leaked that Booze Queen, Bubbs, J and I were making cheongsams for the dinner, stupid Bouncy asked Bubbs for the contact, which the latter gave.  Bouncy, being the big mouth she is, spread the word and soon, half of the ladies in the office descended upon our tailor.

    When I found out (I was in Bangkok when it happened), I voiced out my displeasure saying that the contact should have been reserved for us because now that everyone is using our tailor, there’s a high risk our own cheongsams will not be ready in time.  Bubbs however, felt that it was the tailor’s responsibility to turn down the others, if she could not cope with the workload.  But which tailor would turn down having more business?  Sure, the tailor would gain a bad rep if she could not deliver in time… but which self-employed business person would shut the door on new business?  As a business person, obviously the tailor took the risk of not delivering on the orders, as long as she could have more business.

    When I came back from Bangkok, I passed my cloth to the tailor immediately and told her to rush it, which she did.  However, the cheongsam was a little loose and so when I went for fitting last Friday, the tailor’s assistant pinned down the alternations that had to be done and I was supposed to collect it tomorrow.  Booze Queen’s dress fitted her well and so no further alternation was required.

    J and Bubbs went down to the tailor during lunch today.  J’s cheongsam was ready too so that was perfect.  Unfortunately for Bubbs, the tailor forgot what alterations were required for her dress and so she just left it hanging, untouched.  Bubbs was mad of course when the tailor told her that she wouldn’t be able to rush it in time for next week.  Bubbs insisted on collecting her dress tomorrow and so very grumpily, the tailor agreed to do it. 

    Now I’m worried about my cheongsam.  J saw it hanging in the shop, pins still intact, which means it’s not done yet.  I called the tailor a few times earlier this evening but no one answered the phone.  I’m going to call again tomorrow morning.  Argh.  I will sit at the shop and supervise if I have to but my cheongsam must be ready in time!

    You can call the tailor unprofessional, money-minded, greedy, whatever. The way I see it is, if you don’t want to be the bad guy and say "no" to a colleague (hey, I told Atas "no" when she wanted the tailor contact), don’t expect others (i.e. the tailor) to be the bad guy for you.

Joshua Kadison

Before there was Five for Fight, before there was Daniel Powter, there was American singer-songwriter, pianist and writer, Joshua Kadison.  Here’s another 2 lovely songs from him. 


  "Jessie" – Joshua Kadison


"Beautiful in my Eyes" – Joshua Kadison.  (I read that this is also a popular wedding song though I haven’t heard it at any weddings myself.)

Picture Postcard

Argh.  I’m not sure I’m going to recover in time for work tomorrow.  Had a really bad headache in the evening and took a nap till 10:40pm.  No appetite for the beef noodles my dad bought so I’m just eating some raisin bread so I can take my medicine.  I think the fever’s back. 

When I went downstairs to get the raisin bread, I saw this postcard my mom sent me from the UN headquarters from New York.  Heh.  She said she was enjoying herself.  Yeah… with 7 Coach bags… I’m sure she is.  😛


The postcard reminded me of a song which I’m going to leave with you.



That’s Joshua Kadison’s "Picture Postcards from LA".

Home, Sick

Am home on MC today.  Developed a slight cough after lunch at Sakae Sushi on Monday.  It got worse on Mon night and all the coughing resulted in a sore throat on Tue.  Tried to speak as gently as I could in office yesterday.  Also visited the doc for medicine… but I woke up losing my voice and gaining a fever today.  Sigh.  SMS-ed my boss to let him know I wouldn’t be going into office, took more medicine and went back to bed.  Spent most of the day reformatting my blog entries and chatting with my cousin on MSN. 


I’m quite bored now actually.  Time for more bo liao photos…



This was the mouse at Sakae Sushi.  Cute hor?  Though it’s a bit weird to be jabbing the frog’s eye every time I double-click on an item…


coach bag

This is the Coach bag my mom’s supposed to help me bring back from the US.



I also asked my mom to help get this Kate Spade bag from the US.  Hope she’s able to find it!   

Excuse me while I go cough up the phlegm in my throat.  Voice disappeared under it again.  Argh.

The Importance of Formatting

    The format of this new WordPress theme has been bothering me.  It bugs me that there’s no clear distinction between paragraphs, which (in my opinion) makes the entire text difficult to read.  This particular format also caused my previous posts containing photographs to become warped… and while the problem can be rectified by putting the captions of the photos below the photos instead of next to the photos, there’re just too many posts for me to rectify!  (I think I have about 1016 posts in total… and about a third of them would contain photos).  Even my OCD nature isn’t enough to edit the hundreds of posts with photos in them.

     But while I can’t solve the photo-layout problem, I did find a solution to the first issue.  Was reading the papers just now and I realised that there’s also no spacing between paragraphs in the newspaper. However, the start of each paragraph is denoted by the tab spacing.  So I decided to try that for my more recent posts – justify the paragraphs and put a tab at the start of each.  I think it works.  While it isn’t as distinct as having a line spacing in between, the tab at the start of each paragraph does help.  So that’s how it’s going to be while I’m using this ballerina theme.  As for the older posts with photos?  I apologise that the captions are hard to read… but oh well.  Will just have to live with it.

Coach Raid

    My mom went on a 11-day US/Canada tour with 3 of my aunts.  The tour covered places like like New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Niagara Falls, Toronto, Thousand Island (am I right to assume the salad dressing came from here?  I didn’t know there was a Thousand Island in Canada :P), Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City and Boston.  After the tour ended, the gang of 4 flew over to the West Coast to visit my cousin and his wife.

    I’ve been getting daily updates from my cousin since the gang of 4 arrived on Sunday.  He initially arranged Sunday to be a day of rest for them but once they reached his place, put down their stuff, they asked my cousin’s wife to take them shopping immediately.  My cousin was shocked.  He thought they would be tired after the very rushed 11-day tour but the gang of 4 was raring to go!  He said my mom told him that the 11-day tour was so rushed, they didn’t get to shop at all.  So his conclusion was once they reached the West Coast, they felt really cash rich and couldn’t wait to hit the stores. 

    Mon and Tue were also spent shopping… and after every trip, the car boot would be filled with shopping bags.  Wow.  I have no idea what they bought, but I do know the folks at Coach are going to have a big bonus this year.  Between the 4 of them, they bought 15 Coach bags.  In my cousin’s own words, my mom was the "fiercest".  She bought 7 Coach bags.  My cousin was tickled when my mom defended her purchases saying, "But 2 of the bags are for my friends!".  My 5th and 6th aunts bought 2 bags each, and my 8th aunt bought 4.  Another cousin who didn’t go with them also put in a request for 5 Coach bags.  The cousin based in the US bought them… but none of the gang of 4 dare to carry the bags back now because if they’re worried they will incur GST at the Singapore customs.

    Today marks the last day of shopping at Monterey as the gang of 4, together with my cousin’s wife, will be going on a driving tour of Las Vegas and San Francisco.  Heh.  I told my cousin that the gang of 4’s stamina for shopping is astonishing.  He agrees.  His wife has been like a sheepdog the past 2.5 days, herding the gang of 4 out of malls, etc.  He said he’ll be getting real time intelligence from his wife over the next few days and will update me accordingly.  Heh.

    Damn.  I should’ve bought Coach shares yesterday.  Went up by USD3.29.  I bet you investor confidence was bolstered by the gang of 4!

More Beauty Products!

sexy girl night repair oil essence      Gosh.  Booze Queen, Azure and I really raided Watsons (Ngee Ann City) on Monday.  How could I forget to mention 2 other fabulous products I bought.  The first is (please forgive it’s dubious name… it is from Japan after all) "Sexy Girl Night Repair Oil Essence".  To be applied to semi-dry or dry hair, this oil essence softens the hair and makes the ends smoother.  Tried it at Watons as well as last night (applied to semi-dry hair before blow drying).  It’s good!  Light (doesn’t feel as though you applied anything, which is something I hate about leave-in conditioners) and non-sticky, it left my hair really soft this morning.  Great buy!




     The next product is Natural Aqua Gel Cure.  This is a gel-like lotion to be applied on freshly washed (and dried) skin.  Booze Queen and Azure tested it at Watsons by applying it on the back of 1 hand only.  After rubbing the skin in a circular motion, teeny bits of dried skin clumps appeared.  Upon using tissue to wipe the lotion off, the hand was visibly whiter than the other!  Truly amazing.


     This is very similar to Ginvera’s exfoliating cleanser but I’ve never tried Ginvera’s exfoliating cleanser on my hand so I can’t comment which is more effective.  Heh.


       Ok… that’s all the vainpot posts for now… time to shower.  🙂

The Noose

     The second season of the Channel 5 satirical variety show The Noose just ended its run last week.  I loved watching The Noose… I thought the first weatherman of season 2, the "Tomorrow’s weather?  Hot… humid… what did you expect?  Snow ah?" guy was simply hilarious. 

     Anyway, I decided to create a new category in my blog titled – yep, you guessed it – The Noose!  Funny news stories I come across will be archived here.  🙂

     Was watching Channel 5’s 9pm news while blogging and this particular piece of news jumped out at me.  In order to prevent beggars from being exploited by criminal gangs (who make them beg and then rob them of their money), Bangkok is considering setting up a registry for beggars to register and obtain a licence to beg!  Wow.  James Bond has a licence to kill and Bangkok beggars have… a licence to beg?! 

     I know the intention is good – to try to prevent exploitation of beggars who are often physically or mentally handicapped but to create a registry for beggars?  Sounds a little lucridous doesn’t it?

     Oh and did anyone read the article in Sun’s Life! about how young Singaporeans view the current global recession?  There was this particular NUS undergrad… I forgot her name… but she said things like she doesn’t see what’s the big deal ‘cos every time she runs out of money, she just asks her parents for more?  This same rich brat also carries a S$2000 Louis Vuitton bag to school.  I think the most quote-worthy thing she said was how she doesn’t understand why some of her friends want to take on part-time jobs to get more pocket money.  She said, "Can’t they just ask their parents for more?". 

     Wah lau!  That girl must be a journalist’s dream come true.  I mean, how often do you get a spoilt rich bimbo shooting her mouth off?  And in case you’re wondering… her dad runs his own company… selling plastic bags or something.  That’s it man. I’m stepping up on my efforts to save the environment by cutting down on plastic bags.  Sheesh… I carry a plastic bag possibly made by her dad, and she carries a LV bag bought with my money.