If u can’t beat them, confuse them…

I just realised that WordPress doesn’t really need plugins to work. So i have no idea why there’re like tons and tons of plugins for every single thing u can think of – streaming music, photo slideshows, streaming of youtube videos. No need what!! Why people like to complicate things? Duh. And i also so stupid. Allowed myself to get confused in the process. Just realised that they key to doing stuff is – turn off the “Visual Rich Editor”, and u can basically do whatever you want by typing in the html codes. So easy. Chey!

Anyway, the structure of this site is almost complete… just need to load more contents that’s all. Got the Videos page working too. Heh. 🙂

If u can’t beat them, confuse them…

I just realised that WordPress doesn’t really need plugins to work. So i have no idea why there’re like tons and tons of plugins for every single thing u can think of – streaming music, photo slideshows, streaming of youtube videos. No need what!! Why people like to complicate things? Duh. And i also so stupid. Allowed myself to get confused in the process. Just realised that they key to doing stuff is – turn off the “Visual Rich Editor”, and u can basically do whatever you want by typing in the html codes. So easy. Chey!

Anyway, the structure of this site is almost complete… just need to load more contents that’s all. Got the Videos page working too. Heh. 🙂

Superbunnies Return (World Cup Edition)

Since the opening match in April 2006, and the first goal scored by the Peaceable Bunnies, our favourite superbunnies have gone on to score another 6 goals!! This brings the score to a heartening 7-0!

It wasn’t an easy journey for the peaceable superbunnies. The score could’ve been 10-0 already but 2 goals were disallowed & a foul was called on the 3rd. But it’s ok. The bunnies have been going strong and the target of 10-0 looks well within grasp.

Soccer punters have wondered how the superbunnies managed to pull off this feat. After all, their opponents are all 1st division players and the bunnies were considered rookies compared to them. The referee put it down to pure luck. But i beg to differ. Not on a margin as wide as 7-0. I say the bunnies deserve credit for the hard work they’ve put in. If they didn’t train hard enough, even if the ball rolled right to their feet and their opponent’s defenders tripped over themselves while trying to fend off any attack, they still wouldn’t have the skill & precision to put the ball in the net.

As this match has been running for over 2 months, it was also crucial that the bunnies maintained their stamina & morale. Internal fighting is a big no-no. Jealousy & any one-man show must be curbed. Everyone must work as a team in order for them to move forward.

I’m also proud to say that the superbunnies were gentlemanly in their play. Sometimes, their opponents tackled them unfairly but guess what? Gentlemanly play & good sportsmanship will always reign victorious at the end of the day.

I’m very proud to be part of the superbunnies team. Well done guys!

Pat on my Back

I am so proud of myself! Muhahaha! So what if i couldn’t get any of the photoalbum plugins to work? So what if i still have yet to figure out css & php? I still managed to get a photo slideshow up and running! Muhahaha. This shows that the important thing is to… “use your blain, use your blain!” When there is a will, there is a way!

Okok… that was very egoistic. To be honest, when i said previously that i’m a biz grad with limited IT knowledge… heh, i “accidentally” failed to mention that i actually got an A grade for computing during my GCE ‘A’ Level exams. Not only did i ace my course… i also worked part-time for the technical helpdesk of an ISP before. Haha.

BUT!! I also have to confess that my Computing project was really a recycling of a brillant senior’s codes, and an excellent re-packaging of the documentation. (His original project was more cheem than mine but i bullshit better.) I don’t deserve any IT brownie points at all.

Also, when i was working at the tech support helpdesk, the true IT whiz was Zounds. He was the guru whom we all consulted when we had problems. Poor chap… i remember calling him for desperate SOS on his rest days even. Haha. But i wasn’t a lousy helpdesk agent either ‘cos i did what i do best – i solve problems – no matter how unorthodox my solutions may be. So there you have it. Sigh… my “extensive IT limitations”.

Anyway, it’s darn early in the morning now… and i need to work later. Will work on the video link another day. Till then!


Heh… Peanut doesn’t have a growth.  I should’ve checked before i brought her to the vet but i woke up late this morning and so i hurriedly got my dad to coax Peanut into the carrier while i showered.

Peanut was v.traumatised by the car ride.  She even peed in the carrier!  Not a lot… just a little bit.  And the minute we opened up the top of the carrier to let the vet examine her, she leapt out of it!  I blocked her from the front & the vet caught hold of her and she left us scratches all over.  The vet managed to snip off the matted fur.  He did advise that if we or professional groomers aren’t able to cut her super long fur, we should consider letting the him sedate her & groom her fur properly.

I’m seriously considering that ‘cos Peanut is just too timid to be groomed awake.  But we couldn’t do it today because it was too last minute and we would need time to let her calm down before the sedative is administered.

Sigh.. what to do, what to do?

Peanut – tumour?

My dad just told me that he found this growth on Peanut’s neck.  I asked him if he was sure it wasn’t tangled up fur… he said at first he thought it was but when he examined it, it feels like skin/flesh.  Oh dear… poor Peanut… the rabbit i neglect most.  I’m going to take her to the vet in the morning.  Worried about her.  My friend brought his bunny for surgery to remove a growth on the back about 3 weeks ago and his bunny died 2 days after the surgery, even tough the op was successful.  His bunny didn’t eat much after the op.  (That’s why i was so worried about Pinky initially).

Worried for Peanut ‘cos she’s a v.v.timid animal.  The ride to the vet itself will probably freak her out.  Hope my dad will be able to go with me ‘cos she’s a lot a lot closer to my dad.

Could u remember Peanut in your prayers too? 🙁

The Secret to Matching

Was supposed to post these photos last night. But i was very tired last night. As in really really tired… as in the tired till u can’t believe how tired i am kind of tired…u get my point…

blue dress.jpg

Striking midnight blue shoes i bought from this shop at The Arcade 2 days ago, the new dress i bought from GG<5 yesterday, a new blue crystal bracelet from Chomel i bought last night & an old shawl that matches everything! The white shoes are for my white dress from Warehouse. :)


I nicknamed this “Pinky Tee” because the t-shirt’s pink and the design has bunnies all over! Soooo cute! Thinking of buying an identical one ‘cos i love it so much. Would be very sad if this one gets ruined for whatever reason!


The fruit-sweets i mentioned in ‘Bored & Hungry’

(Sorry about the super small thumbnail… that’s just the way it is in WordPress… blogspot sure does better thumbnails! 🙁 )

Actually, Cirrus was right – i’ve recently developed a tendency to buy a pair of shoes first, then find clothes to match. But i’ve realised that this is the best way to put together a super co-ordinated outfit. ‘Cos it’s more difficult to find shoes than clothes… hence it’s easier to buy clothes to match your shoes, than vice versa. Heh. I’m usually a very lazy dresser. I buy clothes in blue / black / white so it’s always very easy to mix & match. But that also resulted in my wardrobe being very plain. But since i’ve started buying shoes first, then clothes to match, suddenly, i find myself dressing better! Muahahaha!

Wretched Witch!

It is with much ire that i am writing this post. Circumstances have forced me to work with this temperamental, greedy, and unethical woman. Not only is her character highly questionable, her organisational skills have also been found to be sorely lacking. There is no system in the way she does things. Everything is done on a haphazard basis. Her method of scheduling people to work is by sending them an sms, sometimes as last minute as 2 days before they are supposed to be on duty! Very often, she has to be reminded before she starts sending out her sms.

Although i don’t agree with the way she does things, i would have no issues if everything went smoothly because i don’t like to interfere in other people’s jurisdiction. U do your job, i do mine. 井水不犯河水 (directly translated as “well water will not offend river water”). But when she keeps sending the “u are on duty” sms to the wrong people, that impacts me! So of course i have to step in.

For months, i have politely suggested that she should do the work roster on a monthly basis, and the roster to be given out to all at least 1-2 weeks in advance. As politely as i suggested, she politely ignored. After tolerating her nonsense for 1 year, i got fedup and sent her a template of how a roster should look like, and asked her to fill in the blanks for me.

She ignored my email. I reminded her on the phone but she kept quiet. So i sent her another email to chase her for it… and still there as no response from her site. Finally, totally fedup with her poor attitude, i did a roster myself, and sent it out to her, as well as all the people involved. I was really annoyed and wanted to show it, albeit subtly. I wrote in my email,

“Dear Wretched Witch,

As I have not heard from you regarding the schedule for the month of Jul, I thought I’ll just do up a schedule myself. Hope this will ease your load since you’re so busy with XXX.”

In the body of that email, i also included my previous emails asking her for a roster. My boss was also on the cc list.

Guess what WW just replied? She said,

“The schedule for July is as the same as June roster, shouldnt be of any change, except if people are not free to do duty, they have to arrange themselves with fellow team members to cover up.”

HUH? Schedule for July the same as June roster? So i’m supposed to live with same cock-up schedule month after month huh? June-July-Aug-Sep and so on?? So brillant! Everyone applaud! *Rolls eyes* I am so sick & tired of this stupid Wretched Witch. Since she doesn’t want to co-operate, i shall not try to save her face either.

So my reply went,

“Hi Wretched Witch,

In case you did not know, there has been frequent errors in manpower involvement for weekend duties. We often have too many agents on duty for weekends, and we end up having to ask some not to come (because those who arrive early discover that the names in your sms telling them to report for duty don’t tally with the people you actually send the sms to.)

Also, when agents take leave to go on holiday, things get messy because everything is arranged 3 days to a week beforehand. For example recently, there was no one to cover Sweet Tweety when she was on leave & E was alone for his Tuesday duty. Another case was two Sundays ago, when Jenerous was still in Singapore and she turned up for duty, but you arranged for A to cover her. In the end, we had to ask A not to come because we already had 6 agents.

I believe we can prevent this from happening if we have a monthly black & white schedule, instead of relying on weekly sms. This way, we can also have advance planning for public holidays. Not to mention that since everyone can see clearly who is supposed to be on duty, it will be easier for them to make their own arrangements to swop duties.

Let us try this for July.



All the email exchanges were cc-d to my boss. I wouldn’t be surprised if the WW calls my boss to complain about me again. She did that last week when i acted for the benefit of her people. Anyway, that’s another story. Will leave it for some other time. Let’s see what this wretched witch can come up with now.

All Hell Broke Loose (Nearly)

Wah lau eh!! Was damn freaking pissed just now lor. Can u imagine? I purposely bought this bloody domain, took up a paid webhosting service with yahoo, and my blog went screwy just now?? Good thing was, all my posts were still saved inside my account, just that on the viewable site, all that was displayed were the 2 latest posts, and the ‘Meta’ section of my right sidebar. Everything else was GONE! So angry!! Like WTF man! I give you good money and the product i bought goes haywire before 1 week is up??

I remembered that i activated this “backup plugin” for WordPress (WP), and did a backup last week… but when i went to search on means to restore the backup i did, i couldn’t find any!! And the stupid website of that plugin didn’t have any instructions either! DUH!!!!

So i started doing a search inside the WP forums and it was stated somewhere inside that all reliable webhosting service would have their own backup database features. Hence i went into my Yahoo a/c to look for it. But, ‘cos i didn’t use the Yahoo backup feature to do a backup, i had nothing to restore my blog with! ARGH!!!! Wah lau eh… was damn super freaking pissed by then.

FORTUNATELY, there was an option to “repair database” and i figured that since my posts were still lurking inside my a/c, i probably just needed to “force” a republish of all the previous posts… so i chose the repair database option and TADA! It worked. Phew!

Whatever the case, that was scary wasn’t it? While i was panicking, i also spammed my friend’s cbox with my desperate cries of help. (Sorry Flask!) Oh well, me blog is back & running now! Phew! *Hugs monitor & cries*

Bored and Hungry

I am really really bored. Hungry too! But there’s no one to take a teabreak with me now. I’m just sitting at my desk, staring at this factsheet that i’m supposed to update, and popping this Florida’s Natural “Au’some” Fruit Juice Nuggets snack. (Will post photos of the really really cool packaging when i’m home.)

Heh… i really shouldn’t be blogging during office hrs… but it’s 20min to knockoff time! Plus, i have a viewing at 7:30pm… so my OT will cover this little time of nua-ing right? Hehe.

Sigh… working at Raffles Place isn’t good for saving money. I went to return a key to a tenant who works in a nearby office building just now… and on the way back to my office, i bought 2 bangles for $15! It was a one for one deal… so i couldn’t like just buy 1. They only sell them in pairs. So duh.

Yesterday, when i brought the shoes i bought last Fri back to the shop for them to adjust the straps, i ended up buying another pair! Luckily, the 2nd pair i bought was on a 40% discount. Not only that… guess what? I saw this really cool striking midnight blue dress from GG<5 just now! Will be going down to check it down later! Hehe. Ooh... there was something i wanted to blog about when i was on my way to the tenant's office just now. As i walked past The Arcade, 3 middle-aged uncles walked out of the bldg and 1 of them stared at my chest. Wah lau eh. So disgusting. I glared at the asshole but he didn't notice 'cos his gaze was transfixed somewhere else! What an idiot! I'm not even wearing a low-cut top today! As i walked between his friend and him, i said in a very crisp tone, "Excuse Me." And that jerk answered, "Yes, you are." Like what the heck was his problem? I was REALLY pissed off and i threw him a sideway glance and muttered, "Prick!". Angry man. I know guys with less developed brain functions will say, "if gals don't want guys to admire them, then dress so nicely for what?" But hello! Admiration is like when u look at a beautiful painting and u appreciate it. Staring open at someone's mammaries is like like poring over a porn magazine and drooling lor! Very different matters ok! Ok. 10min to knockoff time (GG<5 wait for me! I'm coming!). I shall go wash my cup now.